Kickstarter! plus v0.3.1: Fealty Edition

Hey folks! First up, did you know Voidheart Symphony is currently on Kickstarter? Because Voidheart Symphony is currently on Kickstarter! Jump over there to grab the book in hardback, a physical copy of the Covenant Deck, or one of our custom content tiers. I'm very excited about the response we found there - we were funded in under 4 hours - and I'm looking forward to seeing what stretch goals we can unlock over the course of this campaign.

But that's not all I'm here to talk about. I've uploaded a new version of this game, fixing all manner of little things. This isn't a significant change in how the game works, but it's a lot of little things that hopefully will work together to make the game experience more pleasant and effective.

Here's your changelog:

  • Static renamed to Shrouds, to line up with Shadow.
  • Explanation of what Shrouds and Static are has been moved to the same page where the castle stats are explained, so that the terms aren't used before you've been told about them.
  • Stigma renamed to Fealty, to reduce the amount of S-words representing the Castle’s corruption!
  • Void and World no longer affect Shadow. Instead, each rank of Void gives you a Black Mark in Fealty, and each rank of World increases your ability to refresh Fealty.
  • Minor changes to who picks things in the Devil covenant.
  • Rewrote Confront so that your choices are bad things, with fewer picks on a 10+. Hopefully has better flow now.
  • Moved the explanation of what Shadow and Shrouds are to the same point as Castle stats.
  • Fixed references to Harm in Architect Reactions, Weapon perks, and Stand With Me.
  • Stand With Me now gives you the option to make an enemy target you.
  • Changed how Vent handles a strong hit/weak hit/miss to make you always lose a point of Shadow and give more downsides.
  • Expanded list of influences.


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